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Asset Recovery

How you get your assets back in one piece

In business, you may be acting prudently, or you may well be going through difficulties, it can happen and does not need to be your fault, when you lend or lease out your own tangible assets. Desperate measures call for you to resource your own stock to others at a price but with the caveat that you will be able to claim it back at some stage in the future. This is not always guaranteed for any number of reasons.

Prudent businesses have already secured the services of a good asset recovery team. This is part and parcel of a full-service process of equipment lending and leasing on behalf of a variety of businesses, commercial and industrial, and particularly agricultural. Unfortunately, debt recovery remains with troubled businesses for the foreseeable future. Good asset forfeiture and recovery processes do not necessarily mean that it’s daylight robbery for the unfortunate.

All is not lost. In fact, there may be more to gain, going forward. Marketing service agents are available to assist new parties who may be weighing up whether to lease their stock, or small businesses looking to build inventories at an affordable rate with the benefit of being able to return said inventories in the event that a short-term or short notice change of business strategy requires them to return those assets.

For good asset releasing and leasing opportunities, clients should also always rely on experience. With experience over, say, twenty years, comes a good reputation and a reservoir of knowledge that can counter every new business proposal not previously handled before. Systems are also cast in stone, allowing new buyers and sellers to become part of new business opportunities with relative ease.